1. michelle gillmartin

    Hi, I am currently in progress of the ITA backpack and I am really stuck on the ITA pocket on page 4. I have the two zipper panels attached to the zipper, RST. I’m not visualizing how to add the interior zipper panel top and still be able to open the zipper when I’m done. I can’t really tell in the tutorial pictures which is RS and which is WS.

    • alex

      Hi Michelle, it will be easier for me to help you through email. I will contact you shortly. I’m sorry you’re having trouble, and I hope we can work it out!

    • Donna M Johnson

      I just purchased the Ita Backpack for my granddaughter and I can’t figure out on page 4 instruction # 7,8 & 9. Can you please help.
      Donna Johnson

      • alex

        Hi Donna, I sent you an email. Please check your email for a message from alexlynncrafts at gmail. I’m happy to help you!

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